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01.ODRCD399 Vittorio Forte - Hommage to

Vittorio Forte's New album

Earl Wild: [RE] VISIONS

Odradek Records

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Critic's Choice "International Piano Magazine"

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You can already find some reviews about Vittorio Forte's new album, Earl Wild: [Re] Visions

"What a nice and sensitive playing!"

Suzy Klein - BBC3 Radio


Florence Paracuellos - France Inter

"A wonderful challenge ... full of nuances, a perfect musical serenity!"

Gabrielle Oliviera Guyon - France Music

"A recording full of color and vitality ... Fluid, elegant, always precise"

Rodolphe Bruneau-Boulmier - France Music

"Vittorio Forte is a great artist, a great musician, a poet ... he plays these transcriptions with great charm, tact and great piano science"

Philippe Cassard - France Music

"Between sweetness, energy and effervescence ... A "fireworks" , signed by the interpreter after CPE Bach , completes this charming album."

Bertrand Boissard - DIAPASON (READ ARTICLE) - May 2021

"Those who not like in the alchemy of music that the big studious fronts will pass, alas, by to full of fantasy piano playing of the Calabrian pianist Vittorio Forte ... we feast on the shimmering, aerial flow, which seems to cascade from the light from an opened window ".

Lionel Lestang - Valeurs Actuelles (READ ARTICLE) - April 2021

"The first impression that emerges from this recording is a musical serenity marked with the seal of the obvious. Virtuosity, poetry, touch, phrasing, expression, the whole palette of a great pianist is here revealed at its highest level and we transports you to the heart of the most beautiful musical discourse. In short, a flamboyant record by a flamboyant artist. "

Jean-Jacques Millo - OPUS d'OR - ( READ ARTICLE )

"Pianist Vittorio Forte completely takes up this ambitious challenge, never betraying a single one of Earl Wild's transcriptions. A GREAT RECORDING!"

JR Barland - Provence


"To do justice to this particularly ambitious program, the recourse to a great pianist was necessary: ​​to cut down the mountain of technique required by the performance, and to enrich it with a real sense of interpretation. Vittorio Forte does fortunately one of those rare great pianists "

Suzanne Canessa - Sable ( READ ARTICLE )

"Beyond the difficulty of execution of the works and the virtuosity they require, they appear alive, mobile like the clouds which pass above the sea, sometimes agitated and frothy like the foam which meets the rock. , sometimes smooth and delicate like a sea of ​​oil on which the slightest shudder is felt. Fineness and nuances animate a rainbow of sounds and colors in which the personality of its performer is reflected just as much as that of the composers whose And when Vittorio Forte in his turn becomes an improviser in this Earl Wilde style which confronts and connects Bach father and son, he brilliantly manifests his singularity and inventiveness. For our greatest pleasure ... "

Sarah Franck - Artschipels ( READ ARTICLE )

“Vittorio Forte ce la fa”, as the guys from the South say. He also succeeds in balancing this verve and this jubilant fluidity in order to find a balance close to perfection. There is in the legato of the Italian pianist like a form of natural simplicity, An effusion that is always measured. Yes, it seems to flow with such ease and delicacy that we almost want to resume our dear piano studies. "

Joel Chevassus - Audiophile Magazine ( READ ARTICLE )



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